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Traditional Nanyang Coffee - Kopi, which we fondly call in Nanyang, is different from the coffee roasted in other parts of the world because of its roasting process – Coffee Torrefacto. In this local traditional charcoal roasting process, a small amount of butter is added to the mixture of carefully selected beans, roasted in a drum at approximately 200ºC. This unique coffee blend is made popular back in the good old colonial days where Hainanese, who learnt the art of coffee brewing from Westerners, introduced this unique culture to the locals. Nanyang Coffee is brewed with the coffee powder strained through a cloth sack and the kopi chef displaying his art of brewing, pulling the coffee from the pot from a high distance into a small porcelain cup. Not forgetting to add hot water as the kopi from the pot is usually very concentrated. Kopi brewing is a dying trade that takes lots of years of practice to brew a cup of aromatic.

Nanyang Coffee. This traditional kopi culture has been passed down generations till today where many are still carrying their forefather's trade.

Secret of Nanyang Kopi

LET'S toast to the good times

Toast Box is a reflection of the coffee shops from the 60s and 70s, where the common practice for breakfast was a fragrant cup of Nanyang Coffee accompanied by freshly toasted bread.  Toast Box is committed to infuse passion, fun and vibrancy to create a new lifestyle experience for our customers. Our customers are greeted by the aroma of freshly brewed Nanyang Coffee, the smell of freshly toasted bread, visual sights of coffee or tea pulling, soft-boiled eggs and Maly-inspired Singapore Laksa. Varying interior styles, display décor and stylised music are pieced together to create a relaxing ambience.