Kopi – Nanyang Coffee

Kopi – Nanyang Coffee, which we fondly call in Southeast Asia, is different from the coffee roasted in other parts of the world because of its roasting process – Coffee Torrefacto. In this local traditional charcoal roasting process, a small amount of butter is added to the mixture of carefully selected beans, roasted in a drum at approximately 200 degree Celsius. Because of its unique roasting process, it results in Nanyang Coffee having a strong full bodied flavour and usually leaves an aromatic lingering aftertaste.

Nanyang Coffee drinking culture is a very essential and close to the heart of Southeast Asians. They are usually served in very traditional local coffee shop where one order from a kopi uncle and he will shout your order into the kitchen and no matter how many orders he kept shouting, the kopi chef will not mix up orders. It is a place where one can rest the mind and be totally immersed in an unpretentious homely environment. Patronizing a Nanyang coffee shop for kopi has become a part of local culture that one cannot live without.